50 percent on the younger persons who sought help from a youth team on difficulties regarding the continued -extradition invoice protests suffered from despair, with a few giving up objectives to enter a college or discover a very good work.

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Teams introduced its report on Wednesday. In addition, it revealed secondary university heads, social personnel and psychologists have been operating together to supply support to pupils struggling from problems linked towards the protests.

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The group is additionally imparting related coaching to teachers as well as other associates of college staff to help you college students with emotional complications above the protests from the coming academic yr.

Hsu Siu-man, a supervisor with the federation, stated their Wellness Thoughts Centre had dealt with 459 instances from online and hotline platforms relevant to anti-extradition invoice protests among June 12 and August 24.


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Fifty percent from the youthful people

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups introduced


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